Wednesday, 11 November 2015

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Update - Bromelain is Amazing


So, if you have been reading my blog you will know that I had been trying a natural remedy called Bromelain. Bromelain is taken from pineapples and is effective in managing inflammation. I had heard about Bromelain and decided to give it a go for my back pain. I mean at this point I would have honestly tried anything. I was sick and tired of taking painkillers and it was difficult to find any sort of relief from the pain.

 Well, since my last post and since buying my first carton of Bromelain, I have taken it almost every single day and I still do. Whilst Bromelain will not totally take away the pain I feel in my back, it certainly does help. In fact, I had ran out of my tablets and had to wait two weeks for them to arrive and they were the worst two weeks of pain!! Yes, the Bromelain is that good and if you, like me, have bad back pain/disc disease, then don't hesitate, try Bromelain and see for yourself how good it really is. You can check out the reviews on Amazon for yourself right here:
Bromelain Reviews

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Degenerative Disc Disease

My name is Chris and I am 33 years of age. After working as a window fitter my entire adult life, I have been told that I have disc degeneration in the T4 T5 area of my thoracic spine. 

After being referred by my doctor to various consultants, having MRI scans and attending the pain management clinic, I decided to try and find an alternative way to manage the pain I was experiencing in my T4 T5 region and from degenerative disc disease.

This degenerative disc disease has had a major impact on what I can and cannot do and I hope to document here how I try to find some relief from my constant back pain. This will include my use of pain relief patches, inversion tables and Bromelain.

In my opinion back pain can be one of the most difficult conditions to live with day to day. Back pain affects how you sit, stand, sleep and go about your daily life. Anything that can help ease that back pain, be it lumbar or thoracic, has got to be worth a try.   Read about my experiences with doctors and medication using the menu bar to the right.

What is Degenerative Disc Disease?

Disc degeneration, or degenerative disc disease, is a very painful condition which affects a sufferer's back. Disc degeneration can cause severe and constant chronic pain which can have a huge affect on the person's quality of life.

Degenerative disc disease can affect both the lower and upper back in a number of different ways:

Lower Back

Sufferers of degenerative disc disease in the lower back may experience pain in their hips, buttocks and thighs when walking. They may also experience a feeling of weakness in their knees.

Upper Back

Symptoms of disc degeneration in the upper back (thoracic spine) may include neck pain, pain in the head, arms, hands, shoulders and this could also radiate around to the front of the chest.

The pain experienced by all sufferers of degenerative disc disease will be felt when they sit, walk, twist, lift and bend in their daily activities. The chronic pain felt when carrying out everyday tasks can be almost constant and extremely debilitating.

Losing weight can also be a factor when it comes to back pain. Check out for Tom Venuto's Burn the Fat as seen in Oprah and Men's Fitness Magazine.